Digital Design Studio

Exponera Media is a seasoned graphic design and marketing company but a recent “player” in the gaming industry. In our Game Studio “Digital Design”, we focus on 3D visualization, content creation, and game development.

We are a part of the Qvarken Game Industry (QGI) accelerator process, an Interreg Botnia-Atlantica funded project that helps game company start-ups in Finland and Sweden.

Exponera Media have recently participated in both the Arctic Game Week and the Nordsken game convention in Skellefteå and also the enormous Game fair, Koelnmesse / Gamescom 2019, in Cologne Germany.

Welcome to Exponera Medias digital design studio!
This is where the magic happens!

Welcome to Exponera Media – Digital Design

A picture says more than 1000 words…
…but a true experience is beyond measure

Our digital studios are based in the far north of Sweden, one of them is located on a small farm (in the middle of nowhere), 80 km from the bigger cities around. The other is located in a romantic, older building from 1939, ”The Royal” that in the good old days held one of the first Movie Theatres in the north of Sweden, and also a famous Dance and Concert Hall, still in its glory, complete with stage and moving curtains.

Digital Magic!
We believe that everyone can make a change and that we all can become the ones we were meant to be. A good way to start is by believing it, and then put the magic to it! These days the magic can happen faster than ever since we all are connected through the internet, social media, video games and other creative digital activities.
Now is A great time to be alive!


EXPONERA MEDIA levels up to meet the new world.

We believe that VR, AR, Video, Animation, and Games hold the future for information, sharing and education and not just for fun and entertainment. These days, ads and other ways of marketing also need to be enjoyed by the customer to be received well.

We lately leveled up our staff with knowledge regarding the programs Unity and Blender, and we all just love the possibilities they bring to our table.


Why not have fun while learning?
AND Why not learn while having FUN?

Qvarken Game Industry
EXPONERA MEDIA is participating in the project QVARKEN GAME INDUSTRY and this year we attended at the convent NORDSKEN in SKELLEFTEA. It was really interesting; we got some new ideas the least and then we hook up with some great people.

Through the project, we were invited to attend at the big games arena GAMESCOM in Cologne and just couldn’t resist it, even though we are quite new in the game industry. We don’t lack experience from design, marketing or creating social media content, but our game projects are still in their cradles, and we have yet to release one. Maybe we will start out with a Kickstarter project. On the other hand, we might just find some cool people with another interesting project and jump on board for that one. 🙂

Why not come along and find out more and join us on social media.?

Would you like to get to know a little bit more about new upcoming games, or about the city Cologne, or maybe regarding the German sausage or just maybe watch us tasting a german beer or two and see what kind of people we get to meet?

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May the good force be with you!
There is only one planet and it is a shared responsibility to make her thrive. A lot of our effort goes into green projects and to create a sustainable lifestyle for the future.