We are the new earthlings. We are the ones that aim to create a new, improved planet earth. Our keywords are respect and care for the earth, and holistic, sustainable solutions. We volunteer as guardians and caretakers of our earth mother.

Some people say that the current world is dying, but like a larva turning into a pupa, when one part of the creature is dying, a new and improved version is born, and soon a beautiful butterfly (that can fly) will emerge!

Make a stand for what You believe in! The Earthling community is a place where we can share our ideas and solutions for a green, clean and sustainable future. Send us your videos, pics, posts or musings. Bring us the latest earth-news and gossip. Your contributions will be posted here and on our different social media channels. We may certainly give a shoutout to genuine, earth friendly companies, blogs, vlogs and podcasts, presenting great ideas that benefit the world and its inhabitants.

A new earth needs new ideas and a new kind of human, if you don’t believe it, just look what we have done to the planet, and the new kind of human is, of course, a true Earthling, citizen of the world!

By buying and wearing Your favorite Earthling gear, You support the cause both financially and by proudly displaying your statement to the world. The world needs to hear some important messages. Hold the torch high and… let’s be the change 😉

Mother Earth needs more champions!
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